Create a new RHI Account


Please note the following before you create a user account for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Register:-
  • You must be the Authorised Signatory to create an account/ submit an application for accreditation or sign a declaration
  • During account creation the Authorised Signatory must provide personal details (e.g. home address and date of birth) for identity verification and fraud prevention purposes
  • Only the owner or delegated authority (as authorised by the owners) of an eligible installation may apply for support under the Renewable Heat Incentive
  • Please ensure that you have read the RHI scheme guidance as well as the RHI Register User Guide before creating an account and applying for accreditation
  • Ofgem will require personal information (including either a National Insurance Number or UK Passport number) relating to the Authorised Signatory of an account in order to verify their identity and assist in fraud prevention.
  • Any accounts that are created on the register and not activated will be deleted after 3 months.